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Kaiao Healing is committed to provide you with a better understanding of yourself, empowering you through the potential of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Taking charge of your emotional health is a necessity in order to keep yourself healthy as well as your relationships and your surroundings.

Seeking Emotional Support and Mind Expansion?

Kaiao Healing strives on building awareness through a Holistic approach.


Each session is unique and matches the person’s specific needs

It can include one or several of the following modalities


Acupuncture Art is part of numerous Chinese Medicine modalities and dates from more than 2,500 years, consist of stimulating specific points to relieve physical as well as emotional imbalances.

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees a Universe where everything is interconnected. Body, Mind and Spirit can’t be separated, they are part of an energetic system where all structures work together to support its well functioning.

From a Western perspective, acupuncture induces effects on the Central Nervous System, Neurotransmitters, inflammation and local blood circulation.


Aromatherapy stimulates Olfactory sense through the use of Essential Oils. These Oils are extracted from roots, resin, herbs, leaves, branches, flowers, fruits grown all over the World. 

Some of them exerce a stimulating or calming effect supporting physical, emotional and spiritual well being. 

Essential Oils represent an important tool for conditions related to problems of the delicate organ in Chinese Medicine.

Inhaling Essential Oils communicate signals to the Olfactif System thus to the brain in order to produce specific neurotransmitters and offer the intended effect.


Cupping creates suction by placing cups on the skin.

In terms of Chinese Medicine, cupping warms and moves Blood & Qi, dissipates Wind and Cold.

This technique releases muscle pressure and toxins. It also increases blood circulation to the area by stretching the underlying tissue activating the Neuroendocrine-immune system.

Gua sha 

Guasha consists of scraping the skin with a massage tool to improve blood circulation to the area.

Guasha is used to encourage Blood & Qi flow which are seen in Chinese Medicine as cause of imbalance.

It also offers anti-inflammatory and immune stimulation properties through the induced petechiae mechanism.  


Moxibustion involves burning mugwort - Artemisia Vulgaris - close to the skin to warm the area or the acupoint to remove stagnation at the location or channel.

From a Western perspective, its mechanism of action relates to the thermal property as well as its combustion affecting shallow and deep tissues of the skin.


Tui Push 

Na Grasp

Releases the channel sinews - muscles, tendons and ligaments - and facilitates the movement of joints. It relaxes muscles, warm them, invigorate Qi and Blood and disperses stagnant energy. TuiNa induces analgesic effects.


Reflexology implies pressuring specific points on the hands, feet or ears to affect the whole body. These points match with glands, organs or body parts.

The main benefits are aiding relaxation, restoring homeostasis, improving blood circulation, nerve transmission.



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Who am I

I have always been curious in understanding what is intangible. Thus I started exploring and traveling. Southeastern Asia came as a revelation, giving me the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective with a brand new vision.

After living in New-York for several years, Nature and Alignment were missing from my life. That’s when Hawaii welcomed me with much Aloha. That’s where I understood that I would from then on be able to keep this feeling of Peace with me everywhere I go. This awareness and discoveries made through time, experiences, research, that's what I want to share.

Morgane Swierk is a licensed acupuncturist from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine New-York. The Master of Science in Acupuncture she received honors a minimum of 2505 credit hours of theory and clinical practice. 

By Benjamin Pierre Gabet

By Benjamin Pierre Gabet



Next 2019: Easing the relationship with your child, Morgane Swierk in collaboration with Sabrina Bigot, Paris

2019 Identify your element to improve your health, Morgane Swierk, Paris


2019 Healing Journey through the Study of Classical Texts: Sun Si Miao’s Teachings in Pediatrics Clinics, Jeffrey Yuen, Roma, Italy

2019 Study of the Spleen Meridian: Zu Tai Yin, Jeffrey Yuen, Roma, Italy

2019 5 Animals Qi Gong, Jeffrey Yuen, Roma, Italy

2019 Clinical Application of LUO Meridians, Jeffrey Yuen, Amsterdam, Netherlands

2018 Stone Medicine CEU, Jeffrey Yuen, Winterthur, Switzerland

2018 Essential Oils for Respiratory Wellness CEU, Jeffrey Yuen, Winterthur, Switzerland

2018 Master of Science in Acupuncture at PCOM : Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, NYC

2017 Speaker for Live Interventional Neuroradiology, Neurology and Neurosurgery Community Seminar, Paris, France

2016 Reiki Mater with Lumie Aino, Shinka Reiki, NYC

2015 Clean Needle Technique Certification, Honolulu, Hawaii

2015 Swedish Massage & Reflexology with Heather Han, Honolulu, Hawaii

2014 Years 1 & 2 at ICAOM : Institute of Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Honolulu, Hawaii

2013 Reiki First Two Attunements with Ana & Carlos Gonzalez, NYC 

2011 Literature & Theater Bachelor degree at La Sorbonne University, Paris, France


Who are you

You are thirsty of knowing who you really are as Human being. You are seeking a path towards a healthier and more conscious life. You are interested in Spirituality and answers free of pecuniary interest.

I like to believe that there is an increasing awareness of the need for change. Traditional Chinese Medicine along with other non invasive Healing represent a growing, more humane and compassionate concern.

The value of Ancient Knowledge of Healing in non invasive ways to relieve spiritual and physical trauma is priceless.

These are ways to manifest Peace and positive change.


Unique Première Expérience

‘‘À tous ceux qui veulent s'accorder un bon et un nouveau moment 
Un soin de haute qualité à découvrir 
Votre énergie et votre bienveillance étaient cérémonieux de ma confiance et de mon bien-être

Rarement je n'ai ressenti une telle énergie s'éveiller en moi aussi librement
Vous m'avez piqué dans l'univers tout entier ‘‘


Ma première Expérience en Médecine Chinoise

‘‘Après un échange sur la raison de ma venue, Morgane regarda ma langue, me palpa et posa un avis que je n’ai pas compris sur le moment. Maintenant, avec  quatre mois de recul et une grande remise en question sur moi-même: Elle avait lu sur ma langue comme dans un livre ouvert

Merci à Morgane pour cette initiation’’